Lindy Veitenheimer
Managing Director

company profile

Veitenheimer Hospitality Consulting, established in 2016, is led by Lindy Veitenheimer who has been collaborating on artwork projects worldwide for over twenty years. Lindy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management, blending art history with business, from California State University, Sacramento, USA, in 1995.  Lindy was the Managing Director for Kalisher and established the London division. Prior to that, she held leadership roles in firms focused on hospitality: Executive Vice President, Global Accounts, for iRiS Software Systems; Vice President of International Business Development for Soho Myriad; and served as Chief Operation Officer for Grand Image.

This unique blend of experience in hospitality brand standards and expectations means your project will be both unique and relevant to market. We understand the importance of collaboration with the stakeholders such as the Client, Architect, Designer, and Operator, to execute an art programme that complements and highlights the property’s design and unique features.

We love to share the story of the property and support the design narrative. We do that by working with local and international artists, sourcing unique art and artefacts. We are a true consulting firm and do not employ our own artists, nor own our own manufacturing. This means that all costs from third parties are transparent and passed through at trade costs. You will see fresh, innovative, and targeted art concepts in every presentation because we are not beholden to an inventory of digital prints nor original artwork. We show you only what you want to see and what is relevant to your project.

Our final deliverable is a comprehensive document which can be sent on for procurement. We partner with best in class procurement firms or your own procurement firm to ensure that each art piece is true to the intent of the specification. Artwork by nature is unique and individual and each specification must be dealt with in the same manner.

We look forward to applying our twenty year global hospitality experiences to executing your project.